Universities Closed For Coronavirus

Universities across the world have come to a standstill due to the recent arrival of the coronavirus.

Classrooms are empty, libraries are deserted, and everyone is sitting at home waiting to be told what is going to happen to their education.

Universities are working hard to ensure that students are able to continue doing their degrees, but there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the whole issue.

The whole situation is completely unprecedented, and universities are amongst the businesses that have never had to deal with this kind of problem before.

Because of this, they are not quite sure what course of action to take.

The best plan of action they have so far has been to follow the government guidelines and try to work out how classes and exams will resume after it all calms down.

So universities have said that exams will take place online, while others have said that marks will only be decided based on the work of the previous term.

There are a few challenges however, like what if a student does not own a computer, or have access to a good wifi connection?

If the exam is a written essay, then there are concerns about being able to get the right books from libraries.

Even though many books these days are online, there are still a lot of paper form books that students may require in order to complete their exams.

There are huge numbers of international students that are concerned about what they should be doing during this time.

Some may have missed their window of opportunity to go home, so they are now stuck here with no work to do.

They may still be paying for accommodation that they are not using, and many students are demanding that their fees are reimbursed since they are missing a whole terms teaching.