An SEO Agency Glasgow Private Schools Need

In the UK there are only around 2000 private schools out of around 32,000 schools in total.  Although they are specialist schools that tend to know that the parents who send their children to their school generally know that they will do doing this anyway.  However, more and more private schools are becoming increasingly competitive in their approach to advertising and finding the next wave of pupils to join their ranks.  We want to discuss how an SEO agency Glasgow could help schools stay competitive in this ever changing landscape.

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SEO Agency Glasgow Based For Schools

Grading scores and university acceptance rates can only go so far when it comes to promoting your school.  Parents are becoming more and more concerned in the social aspects involved in the school environment, as well as extra-curricular activities and more.  Parents want to be sure that schools are setting their kids up for life beyond school, and giving them a rich schooling experience that is good for their well-being and development.  An SEO agency Glasgow schools need can help them to showcase these attributes to prospective parents and students.

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The Best Extra-curricular Activities

We performed a brief survey asking parents and kids to give their views on what they think about extra-curricular activities.  We received well over 200 responses which was great to see and gave us a great idea of what parents and kids are looking to get out of a school beyond the classroom.  We should mention that this survey was only conducted in the UK and is therefore only representative of this area.  We received a broad range of ideas and opinions, and it was very interesting to see the contrast between the views of the parents against the views of the children.

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Extra-Curricular Break Down

Before we give the details of how our survey went, we want to give an overview of what we are classing as extra-curricular activities.  Essentially we included anything that a pupil can be actively and productively involved in.  This includes anything to do with the arts, sports, games, employment, clubs and other pursuits.  We tried not to discriminate between activities that are less common or not as popular, and included anything that we could see as having a positive effect on a pupil’s development.  For anything that we were unsure about, we contacted the parents and teachers to get a bit more information for reference.


Best Activity List

  • Football – a sport for any age or ability, this came out on top for pupils and for adults
  • Hockey – boys and girls seem to love this sport
  • Basketball – the pupils ranked basketball very highly on their agenda
  • Chess – one for the problem solvers, also rated by the parents
  • Languages – learning a language was one that parents loved, kids not so much
  • Mechanics – some of the older kids expressed an interest in learning this
  • Musical Instruments – although not for everyone, parents rated this highly
  • Music Band – great for kids that already have an affinity for music