Randox London Are Delivering Rapid Testing Across The City

Whilst key workers and charitable organisations have been helping to keep people healthy and moving during some of the worst of the covid pandemic. There are also other organisations working in the background such as Randox London in order to facilitate rapid testing at sites in London and at major airports such as Heathrow in order to ensure that people can travel safely.

Randox London Are Delivering Rapid Testing Across The City 2

What Is Being Achieved?

Society has come a long way since the start of the pandemic. Prior to late 2020, there was little to no testing capabilities. The UK has gone from offering symptom only tests on a very limited basis all the way up to testing services available on demand. This has meant that the vast majority of the population have access to testing.

However, when travelling through an airport, and in some ports passengers will need to complete several coronavirus tests subject to the laws of the countries that they will be choosing to visit. Randox in London has helped to simplify and speed up this process by offering passengers and travellers in London the option for tests at various points of their journey. The results can also be delivered by email so that they are received quickly and can remain confidential.

Randox London Are Delivering Rapid Testing Across The City 3

Is This Having A Positive Impact?

The impact that Randox London is having on travel across the city and further afield is clearly positive. This is thanks to the efficient process that is in place at the Randox testing sites located across the UK. As a result of being able to test earlier and without considerable queues, passengers are more likely to reach their destinations on time.

The prices for these tests are affordable and make them accessible to a more diverse and wider number of travellers. In terms of testing, both PCR and antigen tests are used in order to obtain fast and accurate results from passengers prior to them travelling abroad. There have been issues in the past related to lack of testing facilities at public transport hubs such as the airport, therefore continued development and rollout of testing at these sites by Randox is having an overwhelmingly positive effect on protecting passengers health as well as easing the demand on existing testing centres.

Randox London Are Delivering Rapid Testing Across The City 4

What You Can Do To Limit The Spread Of Coronavirus

As well as taking a test before you travel, there are of course other actions that you can take in order to reduce and limit the overall spread of coronavirus. One of the main actions that you can take is wearing a facemask. Facemasks can help to prevent the virus spreading through the air and helps to reduce the risk of this occurring.

It it is important to note that even without symptoms you should still wear a facemask. This is because asymptomatic transmission could occur where the virus could be passed on to somebody else whilst whoever is infected is unaware they are carrying the virus. The mask that you wear should fit securely around your face and nose. Be sure to wash your mash regularly if it is reusable in order to reduce the germs and bacteria stored on it.