University Students Can Use Digital Converters For Exams

The coronavirus has completely turned the world upside down, and people are facing completely new ways of life in all aspects.  Students are amongst the most affected, since there are so many international students that are now either stuck in one location or unable to continue their studies.  International students come in the thousands from countries such as China, Hong Kong, America and all over Europe.  Our recent article here talks about some of the ways that they are being most affected by the global pandemic outbreak.  We want to dive into the ways that a company called Digital Converters have been offering their services in a number of ways to help those in education as well as the creative industries to adapt in the face of the coronavirus.

digital converters

Digital Converters Can Scan, Convert and More…

Digital Converters are a media conversion company that specialise in turning anything you want into a digital format.  Digital copies of analogue media is nothing new, however there has been an increasing call for these copies to be high quality and easy to get and duplicate.  The main side of the conversion industry tends to revolve around analogue media formats, such as VHS and cassette recordings.  The golden age of film created millions of these tapes, and many of them have been stuck away in attics and left in storage.  This is mainly due to cassette players not being as common as they were only 10 to 15 years ago.

digital converters

Students Can Scan Their Books And Coursework

High quality scanning allows you to get high-resolution scans of any paper, print, book or article.  Not only does it mean that these copies can be accessed digitally, but it also allows you to share them with anyone all around the world.  For students, this means that if one has access to a book required for the coursework, they can share the book with all the other students online.  This has amazing benefits for all these students that may still be expected to submit coursework and need access to the books in order to get the work done.

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PDF Copies

If a particular book has a lot of pages, the book can be scanned into a PDF format so that it can read in a PDF reader.  These readers made it easy to get through a lot of content quickly, as well as making it easy to search for specific content with the search function.  This is one advantage over a traditional paper book, as they don’t have a search function, you have to use your eyes!


Universities Moving Forward

Things are certainly going to change over the next few months for the education sector.  But these changes do not have to be viewed negatively.  Instead of finding that the book you need for your coursework is gone from the library, you can share it with your peers so that everyone can benefit from it.  Universities will hopefully adapt to these changes as well, and make it easier for students to get access to material.