Picking the Right University in the UK

There are too many universities in the UK to count, and if you are struggling to decide which one you want to go to, we can help.

There are a lot of aspects to think about, and it is not just the course that matters to students.

The social aspects also matter, as well as things like housing, night life, transport etc.

The UK uses the Ucas system, which actually lists all the universities and courses that are available.

Ucas should be your first port of call when it comes to your university journey.

From here, you should then go about researching the universities that interest you.

Check out their websites, social media channels, and try to get a feel of what they are like.

Once you have looked at the university itself, then make sure you have a good look at the course itself to see if you will like it.

All courses are taught and examined differently, and the content can vary widely from course to course.

You can usually look up reading lists and course content before hand, so you can get an idea in advance of how the course goes about delivering the content.

Make sure you go to the university open days, as these will provide you with more real knowledge and understanding of the course and university.

When you are there, ask lots of questions, and try to meet with a few lecturers and students to get a grasp of how things work.

Your questions don’t even have to be related to the course, you can ask about everything from societies to nightlife in the area.

You are going to spend at least 3 years of your life in education, so you want to be somewhere that interests you and provides you with great extra-curricular activities.