Pallet Trolleys Needed In UK Schools

Here in the UK there are some 30,000 schools in operation.  This number includes nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and private schools.  The vast majority of schools in the UK are made up of primary schools, of which there are around 20,000 of them spread across the country  All of these schools cater to 10,000,000 pupils across the UK.  When you factor in a further half a million teachers across all these schools, you are left with a lot of people making up the whole education sector.  One thing that seems to come up time and time again across all levels of schooling in the UK is the management of resources, both old and new, and what can be done to streamline and improve these processes.  Something as simple as a pallet trolley for moving resources around a school can make a huge difference to the smooth running of the school itself.

pallet trolleys

What Is A Pallet Trolley?

A pallet trolley for moving goods is commonplace in a lot of sectors.  When you go to large cash and carry outlets like Costco, you are actually given one as our shopping trolley, since people shopping in places like Costco are generally buying items in bulk.  It is usually a flat bed platform that rolls on casters and has a handle for pushing it along.  Other pallet trolleys are for moving pallets, and have a fork which also sits on casters and can be raised and lowered using the handle.

pallet trolleys

Their Use in Schools

Due to the sheer number of people in attendance at the average school, the utilities and resources that are needed to cater to everyone is quite staggering.  Lets take the basic example of tables and chairs.  Even if we divide the number of pupils by the number of schools evenly, that is still around 350 pupils per school.  That means that there has to be 350 tables and desks for each pupil, then a further 350 chairs and lunch tables for each person.  In order to effectively manage the movement and storage of all these pieces of furniture, handling equipment like pallet trolleys and other carts need to be used.  If not, the time it will take to move everything around when required will simply be too extensive.  For this reason, most schools will cater for this expenditure in their budget, and will most likely save costs for work power in the long run.


Safety Concerns

Health and safety should always be of the utmost priority for schools and educational facilities.  It is built into everything they do, from the way that they manage resources to the way that they plan the movement of school resources.  If proper measures are not put in place then accidents can happen, so these things are usually planned with complete safety in mind.  When moving large amounts of tables and chairs that are usually stacked upon each other, lifting and carrying them is not an option.  They have to be rolled in order to minimise the risk of them toppling over.