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What You Can Learn About Stress Balls And How They Can Help

What Are Stress Balls? How Can They Help Me?

What are stress balls? A stress ball or hand workout ball is usually not bigger than a large handball, usually no more than 7 centimetres in diameter and usually not made of soft rubber, clay, or any other soft yet easily disposable plastic. It is usually made of sturdy and durable rubber to provide added stability and strength. Stress balls come in various shapes and sizes, allowing the user to target specific areas on the hands and wrists. In addition, they can be used as part of regular hand and arm exercises for the improvement of flexibility and the mental health of the users.

What You Can Learn About Stress Balls And How They Can Help 2

Why Are Stress Balls Important?

The use of stress balls has been shown to have many health benefits. These include relieving stress, promoting better posture, improving circulation of blood and oxygen in the body, decreasing blood pressure, reducing the chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, and decreasing the possibility of developing stroke. They also serve as a form of massage, promoting relaxation in the muscles of the hands and the shoulders. These stress balls can be used by people from all walks of life, with little to no training, and can be kept as simple as a stress ball in the house or in a gym bag.

You can make your own DIY stress balls using flour, baking soda, and food coloring. All you need are about three cups of flour. Mix the flour with the baking soda until the powder reaches a coarser consistency and then fold it into a ball. If it does not fit into the palm of your hand, do not worry. There are diy stress balls that are small enough that it could be slipped into your pocket, purse, or back pocket easily.

How Are They Used?

The technique on how to use your hand to squeeze the dough is pretty easy. Simply place your fingers between the seams on the dough ball. Then start to squeeze with your fingers until you get the desired result. Usually, squeezing is done until the stress points are hit and the dough begins to expand in the palm of your hand. This is called reflexology and works on the same principle as other similar types of therapy.

Aside from the health benefits of relieving stress, the use of this product also helps improve blood circulation. It does this by increasing the amount of lymphocytes, which are white blood cells, present in your blood. With increased white blood cells, your body is able to flush out toxins, which reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling. Some studies have shown that DIY stress balls can help increase the number of lymphocytes in the body by as much as 150%.

What You Can Learn About Stress Balls And How They Can Help 3

Further Healthy Benefits

Stress balls can also help you recover from carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a common result of extreme overwork and is typically caused by poor mechanics of the hands and wrist. Doctors often prescribe physical therapists to carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers but many are becoming more aware of how these products can help. If your employer does not provide you with a computer work area or you constantly work from home, these stress balls may be exactly what you need to alleviate the symptoms.

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