Top Tips to Succeed in Your Job Interview

Going for a job interview has and always will be somewhat of a daunting experience. You are there because you want the job and wish to make an impression. Here are some top but simple tips to get you on the right track for a successful interview process.

Top Tips to Succeed in Your Job Interview 1

Be On Time!

The most important first step to any interview is the step before the interview even starts. Be on time, or even better, be early. Being early is always better than being late, which is what interviewers look for. A punctual candidate will automatically make a positive first impression.

Have Questions

Having prepared questions shows the interviewer that you have done research and are enthusiastic to find out more. It shows you are dedicated to the role. This does not have to be a long list, it could be 2 or 3 questions regarding the company, culture, or the role. Asking questions will also determine your decision on the role and can aid your decision on whether you want to work for the company or not.

Take Notes

During the interview it is best to have your full attention on the interviewer, however afterwards it is a good idea to note down everything that you can. This allows you to look back at everything that was said (that you can remember) to solidify your decision if offered the job. Also, if there is a second stage to the interview, you can create questions next time based on the notes you have taken which will show you were listening.

Top Tips to Succeed in Your Job Interview 2

Bring A Positive Attitude

Always ensure to bring positive energy to the interview. It can impact the interviewer’s decision. When asked questions about your previous job, try and take positive aspects from it, even if there weren’t many.

At the end of the interview, you can end it on a happy, enthusiastic note by telling the interviewer that you enjoyed the meeting and learning about the company, and you are even more convinced that you would like to work there.


Despite an interview being a daunting and nerve-wracking experience, you are there for a reason and it is your time to sell yourself. Having the power to suppress and hide your nerves and adopt a confident, positive, and enthusiastic approach, will determine the success of your experience. Not every interview you go for will be a success, however you can make an impression on employers and make connections for the future.

Top Tips to Succeed in Your Job Interview 3