Should Schools Close For Corona Concerns?

With cases of the dreaded corona virus starting to ramp up around the world, people are now asking whether schools and educational bodies should be closing their doors to students and staff.

In some countries the government has declared that large scale evens with attendance levels of over 1000 people are cancelled until further notice.

Gigs, concerts, conferences and other gatherings have been put on hold, much to the dismay of organisers everywhere.

Music venues in Europe are starting to worry as more and more bans are being placed on events and gatherings.

Since the virus is still not fully understood, there is a lot of uncertainty that is driving a lot of panic and outrage over this new viral infection.

In one case in the UK, the infamous King’s College in London has confirmed that someone in attendance has tested positive for corona virus.

It is unclear whether this is a staff member or a student, but nonetheless members of the university were shocked when they received an email stating that someone had indeed contracted the virus.

The University at the moment remains open, under advice from the health authorities in the UK.

But the decision to ultimately close remains in the hands of these places themselves, and with many schools and businesses already choosing to close their doors while the risk of infection remains high, people are understandably weary.

The schools and universities that do choose to stay open generally do it due to concerns that they will be shutting of key community ties to their students and staff.

There is also very real evidence that as long as corona carriers self isolate themselves, there is not a measurable increased risk from not shutting down their organisations.

There are now 163 cases reported here in the UK, with the global figure passing 100,000.