Moving House Tips

While moving to a new home is a big decision, you should take time to prepare for the move and plan out what to do. To make things easier you could make use of home removal and rubbish collection Edinburgh services. Below are some house moving tips to make the transition as smooth as possible. Read on to get started! And remember to leave yourself plenty of time for packing and unpacking! It takes a lot of time!

Make A List

Before packing your things, make a master list of all the things you have to move. Write down the room name and colour of each box so that you will find everything easily. Another tip is to use bubble wrap to cover delicate items. Remember that bubble wrap is your friend in moving house! You should make sure the box you are packing contains enough bubble wrap to protect your items. Be sure to check the dimensions of your new home. You don’t want to be lugging a heavy mirror up the stairs!

If possible, buy necessary things before hiring movers. Purchasing these things will relieve stress on moving days. Make sure to update your local council and HMRC address when moving house. These government agencies might not be as well organized as you are. Make sure that your current address is updated with your new address to avoid any fines or other problems from the government. Then, be sure to update your personal information, electoral register, and relevant IDs before the move. If you can’t remember these, you’ll be glad you have the photos to remind you of the house you just moved into.

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A Cluttered Home Leads To A Cluttered Mind

Take the time to tidy up your space. Get rid of any excess household items. You can also sell things on eBay that you no longer use. Another good idea is to hire a rubbish collection Edinburgh company. This way, you’ll save yourself the time and effort to throw away all the things that you have no use for and that cannot be recycled. However, if you have furniture that can be recycled then you can discuss it as well with the rubbish collection Edinburgh company and they will sort it for you. With all these tips, you can successfully move into your new home and enjoy the move!


Rubbish collection is an important aspect of home maintenance. A full bin of rubbish can take up valuable space in your home. In addition to the cost of disposal, rubbish can also become a source of health hazards. Fortunately, the good news is that anyone can arrange for a rubbish collection in Edinburgh. Rubbish collection services offer convenient pickup and affordable prices. However, you should keep in mind that hard rubbish may need special disposal and therefore when you put in the order make sure to specify all the details.


Plan The Day

Before the move, plan out the day. The move-out day doesn’t have to be a frenzy, but make sure you start your day by getting the biggest items in the house. Once you’ve done this, start unpacking your belongings one by one. You can assign rooms to unpack, starting with the kitchen and the bathroom. From there, you can move on to your wardrobe and other essential items. Organize the time before the move to unpacking everything.