Student Life

How To Make Your Studies More Enjoyable

Studying With Friends

Studying with your friends has many advantages, from reducing distractions to boosting your study performance. Working with a group can also enhance social and creative skills. It also encourages you to work efficiently and with a sense of urgency. Working in a group also improves your problem-solving and organisation skills.

Studying with friends can also help you make your studies more fun. Usually, people study in groups of up to six people. Smaller groups are better because they enable equal contributions. In addition, they can help you avoid distractions by discussing hard problems.


Listening to music while studying can be a great way to improve your study skills and mood. Research shows that music can make studying less stressful. It can help lower feelings of anger, anxiety, and arousal. However, the style of the music matters. For instance, classical music has been proven to calm the body and elicit positive emotional states. Therefore, you should avoid listening to loud and fast music when studying.


Students can make studying easier by investing in stationery that helps them stay organized. Colour-coded pens and highlighters can help them to remember material better. A good light will also help them focus on their work. Other stationery essentials for students include binder clips, staplers, and tape dispensers.

Break Up Study Sessions

Researchers have found that breaking up study sessions into shorter segments is more effective than cramming a whole day’s work into one. They suggest dividing the day into small chunks of one hour each, and alternating between topics. This way, you’ll maintain interest in each subject. But once you get bored of a particular subject, stop and do something else. This will help you compare notes on ideas, set texts, and other assignments.